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My love of playing music started at age 5, playing a variety of instruments at school and listening to my mothers records of great composers such as Vaughan Williams, Grieg, Dvorak, Smetana, Beethoven and Mozart.

I grew up in London, spending a lot of my teenage years in the Goethe Institute where my father worked. Here I was immersed in culture and art, and being in Exhibition Road, where all the great museums are located, and I was fortunate to revel in some of the finest art and science in the world.

I continued my journey in music by learning classical guitar with studies of  Asturias and Recuerdos De La Alhambra and theses Spanish masterpieces haunt me still.

The next step was the Stratocaster and Marshall and I was greatly influenced by Dave Gilmour, Gary Moore and Richie Blackmore. I even went so far as to create a Deep Purple tribute band which toured incessantly across Australia and New Zealand.

When computers and synthesisers challenged the world of rock I became captivated by the power of the new technology. From the original Atari and Korg M1 to the stunning power of VSL and Mac Pro my passion for original and evocative work continued.

This love of art and science perfectly fits the rigorous technical demands of being a film producer with the free form dynamics of a music composer. I am merely the sum of so many influences that have made me who I am today.


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