“I heard the Brisbane Philharmonic perform a suite from your opera based on the life of Vincent van Gogh. It was just gorgeous, filled with beautiful, lyrical lines, rich full harmonies and a genuine emotional intensity. The audience loved his music, and gave the work a rousing ovation, justly deserved! I also had the pleasure of getting to know Wernher- he is a dedicated, enthusiastic musician, and that shows up in the music he writes! I can highly recommend Wernher Pramschufer and his music- it deserves to be widely heard by audiences everywhere!”

Dr Ewazen, Head of Composition, Julliard School Of Music, New York  

You have done an amazing job, It’s just beautiful. The mood it creates, the mix of west / middle east sounds and  sensibilities, the singing, the way you have composed everything. Well done!”

Ayisha Davies, Ultrafilms 

“Wernher, on behalf of International Film College and its students, I would like to thank you for the outstanding score you composed for our short film, Little White Lie.  You created a fantastic piece of music that worked beautifully with our images and brought it to life.  We are all very happy with it and look forward to working with you again. Best wishes!”

Travis Trewin,  Chief Executive, International Film College, Australia   

“As Principal of Media Arts Lawyers I have extensive legal and practical experience in the commercial sphere and music industry both as a legal practitioner and through my involvement through the Rubber Group of Companies which includes the Rubber Records label. I am also involved in independent music sector and presently sit in the ARIA and AIR Boards. Composer Wernher Pramschufer has submitted examples of his work for our attention. I believe that with Mr. Pramschufer has delivered an outstanding product that will add real value to both Queensland and Australia’s direction as a world leader in the Arts and Music.’

David Vodicka, Media Arts Lawyers

“There is some wonderful music here..”.

Norman Parkhill, InSync

‘The music provides an instant invitation to listen to it all again…we can all wallow in the delights of this recording’

ShowMusic Magazine (USA)

‘The music was quite lovely, at times dramatic, at times dreamy, but always melodic, lush and romantic’

Mike Gibb, Editor, Masquerade (London)

“Melvyn Bragg has asked me to respond to your letter and CD regarding “Vincent – The Flame Burns Bright” for which he passes on his thanks. It is indeed an impressive labour of love, which I hope will bring you much deserved success- again, best of luck with the project’

Mathew Tucker, London Weekend Television, South Bank Show

It is not hard to understand why you have had such positive reviews from both New York and the UK, it is a very moving story and your music reflects this perfectly.’

Michelle O’Donnell, APRA, Manager Film & Television

“May I offer my professional endorsement to the quality of the work and the heartfelt passion which I believe you bring to your music.’

David Carroll, Sydney Opera Company

‘I thoroughly enjoyed your soundtrack of the stage production. I truly hope you succeed in having the show premiered in Australia, and I believe Australian audiences would embrace this production. I wish you every success with this project in the future and hope to have the chance to see the production, which I am sure you will succeed in having premiered.’

Megan Crozier, National Music Buyer, ABC Enterprises

I have had a strong background in theatre performance with Australian Opera and Ballet and many international visiting companies as an orchestral musician.  Wernher’s capacity for new ideas and his immediate response musically made a lot of sense to me again indicating that here is a man of considerable passion, skill and commitment and capacity. He shows much discipline and perseverance to always improve and is a very courteous and conscientious fellow who sets himself the highest of personal standards and achievement.  I commend his musical “Vincent” and am keen to support him further.’

Phil Davis, Conductor, Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra. Examiner AMEB – Queensland

‘Very creative, excellent music and a pleasure to deal with’

Don Frater, Invest Northern Rivers (Australia)

I first met Wernher Pramschufer in my capacity as Director of the NSW Cabinet appointed NRRDB. The overall project timeline was tight and the musical brief was to compose a theme that would be appealing to the Asian audience. Suffice to say Wernher delivered on time, on budget and on creative content. Once at APEC our Asian audience delighted in the extra effort we had expended in capturing and communicating our message to them. Our presence, aided by the multi-media presentation was so successful that extra security was placed in our area to manage the crowd flocking to our stand’

Ruth Povall, (formerly Director NRRDB)

“Wernher has always impressed through his rare blend of creative spirit and sound business acumen. He has also demonstrated remarkable persistence and a determination to succeed which make him out as a person to carry out his projects with total attention to detail and a commitment to a good result.  Through exposure to a number of his creative and business projects I have come to appreciate the special qualities, which Wernher brings to each project, he undertakes. He gets on with the work and delivers a top quality result.’

Christopher Dean, Executive Chairman, TP Health

The spots you produced for NCFS reflect professionalism, relevance to the product and entertainment for the viewer and we congratulate you on behalf of your client’.

Bill Graham, Manager Prime Television.

‘Wernher, I would like to congratulate you on your success.’

Mark Vaile, (fmr) Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

‘As a major sponsor, Southern Cross TEN congratulates you and we hope your enthusiasm and dedication rubs off onto other businesses in the region’

Warren Elliot, Manager, CH 10 Television

Working with Wernher is amazing. Wernher is a great role model, being honest and upfront about how things are and how they will be, as well as being sensitive when it is necessary. The studio is great, it is a professional atmosphere yet has a very homely feel. I have found working with Wernher  to be one of the best things I have done within my musical career.

Chedene Byrne Singer/Songwriter

After working with a variety of producers in Queensland and Melbourne I found that Wernher Pramschufer was truly the best producer who could help produce my music. Wernher produced my first E.P back in 2010 and I was so amazed by the quality and dedication of his work that I wanted him to produce my first Album. Working with Wernher is always a great learning experience, as he doesn’t just produce, he will take the time to teach you tricks of the trade. He is the kind of producer that will push you to reach your full potential whilst guiding you in the right direction to help you reach your goals. Any goal you have as an artist becomes a goal of Wernher, he will always give 110% to anything he does in order to give you the best product possible. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to produce my album.

Tiny Bedser Singer/Songwriter

“Wernher really knows how to get the best in you out, recorded and produced. Our band was pushed to the limits and the outcome was a truly great EP. Clean, precise and dedicated are three words that come to mind about Great Music and with that mentality I would not hesitate to recommend or work with again them in the future.”

Jeff Palmer Collins Class

“It sounds fantastic, definitely radio, fantastic work mate, brilliant, grooving to it now, sounds great!

John Rubens Singer/Songwriter

“Wow. Do you know how bloody good these tracks are? Do you!!They are friggin brilliant, you’ve taken them to a whole new dimension I can’t thank you enough! I feel like I need to give you my soul or something, but I will plug you on national TV when I get on the X Factor instead…You’ve showcased your talent and mine brilliantly. You are very, very talented and everyone will be falling over themselves to work with you. I just had to get that off my chest!

Emma Ballard Singer/Songwriter

“Wernher, thank you for the brilliant work accomplished in the recent recording of my debut song ‘Miss you like Summer Rain’. I went looking for the best and found it. Your work to detail as both a producer and composer has been second to none.’

Leah Jet Singer/Songwriter

“It is incredible how one man can bring so much passion, enthusiasm, talent, dedication and experience to a project- Wernher’s creative spirit is like no other. With great advice and expertise he really opened my eyes to the music industry and was an awesome mentor. Wernher respects your boundaries but at the same time embraces the possibilities.’

Charlotte Emily Singer/Songwriter

“Wernher is the best producer I have worked with to date who complements my own compositions with just the right level of input, adding depth and professionalism in all the right areas. I am really looking forward to recording the rest of my album with him, at the start of what is turning into a great creative partnership.

Natalyan, Singer / Songwriter

“Having met Wernher by chance I had no idea that he would change my perspective on what is possible. He took my material and simply made it great. He seems to have a gift of knowing how to get the very best from the artist with a very intuitive sense of direction. He has an exceptional ear and has his finger on the pulse of the music industry collectively. His skilled approach and his attention to detail is a joy to watch. For me it was exciting to work with Wernher and I am planning to record more music with him in the future!”

Paul Menzies, Singer / Songwriter

“When I first went to Wernher, I went with a handful of lyrics and a tune in my head to each. The next week we started a fantastic adventure. To me the guy is a humble genius. What he did to my songs it had to take a genius. All that aside, he made me feel very much at home, extremely comfortable, excited and confident. He gave me the confidence I never thought I had. No matter what happens, I just wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”

Allan Graveur, Singer /Songwriter

“It was a pleasure to work with Wernher and Great Music. With his composition background and keen ear for what a mix needs, we heard our song become a very professional sounding piece of work with high end production. Thanks for being friendly, warm, supportive and creative and really helping us deliver a fantastic sound. We loved working with you and hope we can again in the future.”


“If anyone is set on bringing their music to a professional, commercial, award-worthy level, I encourage you to approach Wernher. That is what I did -and that is exactly what has been accomplished. I believe my music expresses this best and speaks louder than words as regards Wernher Pramschufer’s talent and expertise in music engineering. Thank you Wernher, for helping me realise a dream; to bring lyrics to life and make music divine. ‘

Nicole Pentis, Singer/Songwriter

“I am a vocalist/guitarist and I was looking to professionally record my music. I recorded a 10 song radio quality album and during this time I could tell Wernher Pramschufer has a genuine interest in my project and was very helpful in many aspects of the recording and production process always striving for the best results. I even got some very useful guitar tips along the way! I also had some of Australia’s best musicians play on my album thanks to Wernher.

Athol Birnie, Singer/Songwriter

“I have never looked back since meeting and working with Wernher, and making me believe in myself, and making me believe that this is possible! The way Wernher works and the way he puts the music together is genius and somehow gets inside your head and knows exactly what you’re thinking, to make your music sound beautiful and professional. Thank you so much again Wernher and I would love to work with you in the future.”

Matt Glazebrook Singer/Songwriter

“I had the privilege of finding Wernher Pramschufer in my search for a producer to help me produce a song for a friend’s wedding.  When we started, my level of expectation was way down here, what I left with, was a song that was exactly what I had wanted it to be, much past a 10. We then went on to record another 4 tracks, all with their own unique sound, but everything I wanted.  Every whim or suggestion I made was crafted into my songs, to make it so much easier than I ever thought recording an EP could be and it was all thanks to Wernher’s brilliantness (I don’t think that’s a word) as a producer.  He’s more than a producer though, he listens to what you say, and hears the underlying meaning that depicts exactly what you want from a song.. and then makes it come to life.  He’s a rockstar!”

Mala Cariappa Singer/Songwriter

“I was a bedroom musician with some songs until I met Wernher. Not only did he bring my songs to life with his vision and passion and creative talents, but also has helped me believe that my dream of becoming a full-time musician is well within my reach. To this day I have a debut album on the way with over 1300 people on monthly newsletter and that’s without one gig and now I have a great band and we’re ready to go. Thanks for your honesty and approach to my music, and thanks for leading me in the right direction. Any band or solo artist that is serious about a career in music should speak to Wernher as you won’t be disappointed.”

Warren Bennett Singer/Songwriter

“Wernher produces music better than you can imagine.” These magic words from one of his current clients convinced me to have my first song produced at GreatMusic. Wernher’s most important quality is his ability to intuitively attune himself to a client’s personality and their requirements. The “Zouk Lambada” a latin dance song, rarely produced in Australia, has been adopted by the latin DJ’s as the Australian Zouk. The good news does not stop there. I was approached by a Brazilian dance instructor to have the song choreographed for a performance in Brazil at the Zouk Congress in Rio. The dynamic funky edge that Wernher provided through all phases of production has drawn appeal from a wide range of interests. Thanks to Wernher’s intuition and mastery of music production the results have gone beyond my wildest dreams.”

Wayne Hudson  Singer/Songwriter

An honest, creative talent that listens and delivers. After talking to him about my expectations, and working together for a while, he quite rightly pointed out that I had them set far too low. He shows the way, but lets you lead. Working with him I have come to respect and admire his genuine disposition, talent, experience and creativity. A visionary, a guide and a technical mentor. But above all, a producer who knows his craft and respects your boundaries, but always shows you (and knows how to get there), the possibilities beyond. Thanks Wernher. My dream now exists.”

Colin Jay, Singer / Songwriter  

“Our band were looking for a producer to help us achieve our vision and we couldn’t have been luckier to work with Wernher Pramschufer. Always enthusiastic and behind you 100% Wernher helped us achieve a production quality that was beyond our expectations and as a result we have a fantastic EP we can be proud of. He took the time to pay special attention to each individual in the band and coax a blistering performance from each of us. It’s all in the details and Wernher’s attention to detail is what makes him such a talented producer. We would encourage other bands to contact Wernher if they want results they’ll be stoked with. Thanks again mate!”

Andrew Thomas, Guitarist AT

“Wernher is a great producing talent. He knows his craft and utilises the use of computer and raw instruments to create great music. He’s an all round great guy and he sees the dream you are chasing and helps create it with you. Chuck this man a guitar and watch those fingers fly, he rocks!”

Ben Colefax, Singer/Songwriter

“You can’t have world class production without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars working in state of the art million dollar studios!” This is a line I have been given by various producers over the years, all of whom claimed to operate state of the art million dollar studios and yet I always suspected the statement to be false. Wernher Pramschufer shatters this illusion! He offers state of the art modern production, lashings of patience and a brilliant pair of musical ears for a fraction of the cost charged by the shysters and ‘shameless pop weasels’ of the music world. Not to be confused with a one-trick pony, Wernher Pramschufer offers musical understanding that transcends genre and I’m more than convinced that he could make a world class recording of any style from Classical to Metal to Pop to Acid Jazz. If he can please me and my harsh (and very unfair) expectations then he’ll definitely please you.”

Phil Addams, Guitarist,  Manifest Electric

“Working in the music industry (gigging, promoting, recording and the list goes on) is hard enough without having to worry about every little problem that comes up. Wernher Pramschufer made it so easy for us to record our latest album – all we had to do was focus on the music. The skills and knowledge he passed on to us enabled us to create an album we didn’t know we had in us. I would heartily recommend any band work with Wernher if they want to truly realise their dreams”

Toby Market, The Black Market

“We approached Wernher Pramschufer with the aim of creating an album that allowed us to fully capture the dynamics and emotion of our music. As a band that places great store in musical texture, Wernher’s layered production and epic concepts enhanced the songs and helped us to reach the right balance between depth and clarity. Wernher’s production style is creative and adaptive and he demonstrated his abilities as a very thorough and intuitive programmer, able to subtly enhance or powerfully shape the texture and emotion of a song. Through Wernher’s contributions, advice and expertise, we have definitely created a product that stands on its own and reflects the nature of the band Mesmere.”

Jeremy Wellard, Manager, Mesmere

“Wernher Pramschufer has just finished producing 4 of my songs and taken these songs to a whole new level. I am very excited with what he’s done for me. His attention to detail was key. Listening to my voice and style of singing and arranging the instrumentation around that. He has a fantastic array of sounds, instrumentation and production ideas. My songs are rich in melody and he brought out the warmth and strength of the melody in each song. If I compare the unprofessional demos that I’d done in the past with other producers, and look at what I have now; I now feel that Wernher has produced for me a very commercial product”

Geoff Powdrell, Songwriter

“Wernher Pramschufer  helped us achieve something we thought was an impossibility without megabucks spent – a great recording which we are now using to start touring and proudly presenting to record labels. The sound achieved was just what we wanted and the attitude of our music was captured perfectly. The advice we received and the level of commitment from  Wernher 
 was out of this world.”

Jason – Guitarist, The Jacks

“Just a note to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your work on our 5 songs. we could never have imagined the fantastic finished product -the way in which you have used the harmonies, constructed the sound and feel of the songs – it is everything that we have wanted for years, but have been unable to attain – until we met and used your fantastic skills to bring alive our music – we will be forever indebted!

Ron and Irene Culberson, Songwriters

“After experiencing many disappointments from  the music industry, it was a pleasure to work with such a professional organisation. Wernher not only has taken our music to a new level, it has provided us with better knowledge of the industry and given us every opportunity to succeed as a band. Wernher Pramschufer’s production, engineering and composing experience has resulted in the creation of the CD we have wanted for years.”


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